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  • “I will give a 100% everyday to create my idea of what the human body ought to look like.” 💪💪💪
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  • Pull-Ups Demo Video.

    Some guidelines to follow:

    1. Full range of motion
    2. It must be a pull up and not a chin up
    3. Shoulder width to wide grip hand position is acceptable
    4. Need not hold

    Just to give an introduction to an accepatble pull up, please check the link below:

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  • Hello Dear Member,

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  • Hello Dear Members,
    There is a Free Online Fitness Activity – “Pull-Ups” exclusively for our existing members.

    The participating members have to share there Pull-Ups video on their respective profiles. The candidates would be judged for the right posture and maximum repititions.

    The dates for video submission are from 18th July 2018 to 25th…Read More

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    Personal Trainer Profile:
    Mr. Vineet Gusain, a well-known Body Builder in Delhi NCR, has numerous titles and he recently won “Mr. India”. He is a well known trainer with excellent understanding of the human bod […]

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  • Hello Folks,
    Check out a new workout video for Cable Chest Fly from @rohanpandey
    Great Going Rohan!!


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