About Us


The Online Fitness League is a distinguished platform to showcase, compete and inspire the world and being powerful.The philosophy core to the Online Fitness League is to energize the fitness enthusiast and add extra meanings to dimensions of being fit.

The Online Fitness League facilitates the participation in its various proprietary online tournaments being conducted after regular intervals hence turning the hobby into passion; Share one’s fitness achievement with various online communities; brings one closer to varies fitness entities; and last but not the least facilitates to earn heavy prizes to support the fitness enthusiast thereby adding more fuel to the wallets as well.

The journey of a fitness enthusiast is pretty interesting always. The person gets inspired mostly through the external environment for e.g. movie actors, reputed bodybuilders, Sport persons. The person decides to join a club and workout. With few weeks of hard work, the self-expectations rises to the next level. This is when the person becomes more serious about the subject i.e. fitness. The person looks to gain more knowledge about exercise plans, diet plans and knowledge from the coach, trainers or veterans from fitness community.

Definitely, if pursued, all these refinement helps a lot in further course of fitness journey and makes the person more successful in terms of fitness level.

However, here is when the line of demarcation occurs between a fitness professional and a fitness enthusiast. A professional fitness pursues the fitness as a career and like all other career options, the person makes required investments which are pretty high these days; participates in a number of events to build his/her portfolio; gets motivated with achieved recognition and rewards. To the contrast, in a long run a fitness enthusiast drives his journey with mere self- motivation. Further, since it’s not a profession for a fitness enthusiast- to invest heavy amounts is out of question. Also, the community recognition and rewards are completely out of scene to create any cherishing milestones.

Online Fitness League  is committed to abridge this gap and bring the fitness enthusiast in the main league.