7 Nutrition Tips for A Successful Transformation

Let not diet ruin your transformation goals. These are small steps to follow to build a formidable nutrition program!

Transforming your body is not about workout alone. Losing fat or building muscle would need a lot of hard work in the kitchen, and its inevitable. Nutrition would be a paramount factor to get results you’re training for.

Make your training goals successful by following these tips:


One mistake people would make is to eat same amounts of calories on training days as well. On training days, you need extra fuel to train and help your body repair from a tough workout.

Lowering calories on non-training days and increasing the same on training days would be highly beneficial. Adjusting calories based on the standard parameters such weight, gender, goals, and workout intensity, would help in understanding your fitness goals.


Eating is never black and white. Sticking to diet-approved foods and never straying could be something you are looking for. However, personalizing your nutrition plan is vital. Being mindful of the body’s response to different food would go a long way in the process of building better diet and eventually better body.

Watch the way your body responds to food intake. We eat not only for the body, but for our soul. A soul fulfilling diet can bring great results, like never before. Forcing yourself to eat foods you hate or react poorly to would not help you for long.


Loosing body fat requires making tough choices. You need to make better choices in the kitchen and that is imperative. Not-so-healthy foods that that you liked the most, would have to go out of the plate sooner than expected. Nevertheless, eliminating everything you love to eat would not be a great idea.

Your plan must be sustainable, and that is the only way to take the journey long and make the same worthwhile.


Consuming 20-30 grams of high quality protein in each meal would significantly increase the protein synthesis rate and boost muscular growth. Your body needs good amount of protein to bring about the needed transformation.  If you haven’t increased your protein intake yet, now is the time.


One of the biggest mistakes is to avoid good fat from your diet. Some people believe avoiding dietary fat completely is good. This notion is far from truth. Your body needs dietary fat to burn fat.

Studies have suggested that six weeks of fish oil supplementation would significantly increase lean mass and decreased fat mass.

Combining fish oil with exercise would not only reduce body fat, but also it would have a huge impact on cardiovascular and metabolic health.


This point cannot be under estimated. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to cut calories instantly. It would leave you feeling hungry, deprived, and frustrated and lead to lack of energy. Therefore, it is better to cut back slowly and enjoy the process of transforming your body.


Staying hydrated should be our second nature. Staying hydrated would have an impact on almost every aspect of your life. Right from your metabolic rate to your energy levels, water would have a powerful impact. Being dehydrated can cause fatigue, which is not an ideal state in our endeavour to transform our bodies.

Watch the colour of your urine and you know if you are hydrated or not. Let the colour of your urine be clear, and you know you are hydrated.

Don’t try to hydrate with energy drinks and coffee.

These are some of the simple facts that you can incorporate into your life, and work towards the transformation you are looking for.


Happy body Building!


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